We are happy to publish our new website, knowing that it is a “work in progress” to continuously grow and improve, just like each of us on our life’s journey.  That said, we’d love to have you share the topics you’d like us to blog about.  Hypnosis is so amazing!

As Certified Consulting Hypnotists we are the guides, leading you to a deep relaxed state to communicate with your subconscious to make the desired changes you identify. Hypnosis can also be used to explore past lives and spiritual matters.  

We are trained in working with children, teens and adults.  Use the power of your mind to grow, explore and change.  It’s time to “Turn a New Leaf”.


Hello Kris,

Congratulations on your new website! Past life regression is an absolutely amazing healing tool for everyone. I wish you all the best on your first steps. It was a pleasure connecting with you today!



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